Course Fees

All IRATA International Courses cost A$1,750.00.  All course fees must be paid in full prior to undertaking any training or assessment. 


Refunds may be authorised by Dynamic Access Management in the following circumstances:

  • Course has been cancelled by Dynamic Access;

  • Candidate withdraws from the course and provides a minimum of 10 days’ notice in writing;

  • The Course Fees have been over paid; and,

  • Candidate needs to withdraw from the course citing illness or extreme hardship.


If an IRATA Instructor deems that a candidate is not yet ready to undertake an assessment, they may defer their assessment to another Assessment Day as negotiated with Dynamic Access Management. If an IRATA International Assessor fails a candidate during their assessment, the candidate may re-book on to another course and pay a single fee of A$675.00 to undertake re-assessment. Training days may be undertaken free of charge. If the candidate wishes to undertake re-assessment outside of Dynamic Access’s existing course schedule, the re-assessment fee shall be determined by Dynamic Access Management, after consideration of the availability and fee of Assessors, staff and facility costs.

Training Requirements


In order to ensure a safe work environment, candidates must have an appropriate attitude alongside fitness and physical capabilities. An appraisal can be arranged with us if you are unsure. Rope access work is often remote and far from outside help, meaning a respect for heights and responsible behaviour is required to prevent any incidents. We have the right to exclude any candidate from training if we have concerns over fitness or attitude. Candidates also need to be at least 18 years of age.


Candidates need to be physically fit and unaffected by any disability/medical condition which prevents them from working safely, and are required to certify that they do not have any medical disabilities, by a self-certification. It is recommended that any condition has a medical certificate or doctors note to show potential employers that it won’t affect their work at height. Any long term condition should be re-assessed medically to ensure appropriate medical condition.

Should you have any queries regarding your medical condition and how it may impact your IRATA training please contact us


Candidates applying for a re-register or upgrade course should be competent in all practical as well as theoretical requirements for their current level, and should be capable of performing all techniques sand answering questions at that level.

Those deemed not competent to their existing level may require additional training.


Candidates looking to take an upgrade need to ensure that their certificate is valid on the day of assessment and that they also have at least one years’ experience alongside 1000 working hours signed off correctly in their logbook (see 4.13 for details on logbooks).

Technicians should present their logbook to the TMC at the beginning of the course for re-validations or upgrades. Lost logbooks can be replaced here.